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Products Details
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EPS hot melting machine
Total power: 36kw
Capacity: 80-120kg/h
1)2 pieces roller, diameter: φ290 mm x2
2)Center distance between two rollers: 250mm
3)18pcs knives per roller
4)Reducer power: 1.5kw x2, national famous brand with CE certification
5)Rotating speed: 75rpm
2.Main machine parameters
1)Screw diameter: φ196 mm
2)Length of screw: 140 mm
3)Capacity: 80-120kg/h
4)Center height: 326mm
5)2 heating zones, one of 6kw, one of 2.4kw, automatic control
6)Main motor power: 22kw, ZLYJ rigid gear surface gearbox
7)Hydraulic station power: 2.2kw
3.Control cabinet
Main electrics: Simens, DELIXI, RKC thermometer
Other electrics made from national famous brand with CE certification
Dimension: 2800×1300×1750mm
Weight: 800kg